Montes: from design to realization of air extraction and air treatment systems

Air pollution in an industrial environment can be a significant risk factor for the health and safety of workers and can be a determining factor for the quality of production processes and their compliance with environmental regulations.

It is therefore important to evaluate the use of suitable air extraction and treatment systems to make the work environment safe and healthy, to ensure the quality of production processes and to respect the environment.

For three generations, Montes has offered expertise, experience and flexibility in the design, construction and installation of extraction, dedusting, filtration, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our lean and flexible organisation is able to plan, execute and control all stages of supply, from design to after-sales:
  • we do not have standard solutions but design and build turnkey and customised air treatment plants
  • we operate according to the standards of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and production takes place in our factory
  • we organise the construction site by providing for the construction of provisional works and the hire of lifting equipment for materials and persons we test and commission the plant
  • finally, our technical-organisational flexibility allows us to offer the customer an after-sales service capable of intervening not only on plant maintenance but also, for example, on staff training

Our Works

  • Drying system for coating machine with mobile hoods

    Italy | Veneto
    Air flow 7,5 m3/s
    Hoods overall size 6.000 x 3.140 x 1.650 mm

  • Air suction and catalytic abatement
    system for solvents

    Italy | Veneto
    Rotogravure printing
    ATEX certification

  • TMU dust collector
    for gypsum extraction with road header

    Gypsum mine
    Air flow 8,3 m³/s
    Power 67 kW

  • TMU dust collector
    for gypsum extraction with road header

    Italia | Piemonte
    Air flow 16 m³/s | Overall size 4 x 8 x H4,2 m
    Double dedusting system for 7/24/365 operation
    Hydraulic levelling system

  • Air filtration system
    for paper dust

    Italy | Veneto
    System composed by 5 self-cleaning bag filters
    ATEX certification

  • TMU dust collector
    for road header tunnel excavation

    Melbourne metro tunnel
    Air flow 8 m³/s
    Hydraulic lifting system for dust collector positioning

  • Rigid duct for main ventilation
    during excavation of railway tunnel

    Italy | Alto Adige
    Air flow 420 m³/s
    COR-TEN steel duct size 5.890 x 3.200 x L=86 mt
    Average installation height 15 mt

  • TMU dust collector
    for road header tunnel excavation

    High speed railway Jerusalem-Tel Aviv
    Air flow 20 m³/s

  • Vapours suction system
    for battery recharging department

    Italy | Veneto
    Electric batteries production
    Stainless steel AISI 316 ducts

  • SCRV vertical scrubber with Venturi pipe for
    kaolin and ammonia dust abatement

    Italy | Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Aif flow 1,4 m³/s

  • Connection system from flexographic
    printing machine to afterburner

    Italy | Veneto
    Detail of main pipes
    Ø650 - Ø650 - Ø750 mm
    on support trellis

  • Solvent recycling system on
    rotogravure printing machines

    Italy | Emilia Romagna
    Air flow 12,5 m³/s

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Offering skill, experience and flexibility for three generations.
Our streamlined, flexible organization can plan, execute and control all the stages, from design up to after-sales service.

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