Fume and gas wet scrubber

SCR | Fume and gas wet scrubber

The wet scrubber is a system for fume and gas abatement by washing the pollutant by means of a liquid solution mist.
More generally, it is an excellent abatement system for water-soluble substances and odours.

The operating principle is based on the encounter between the flow of polluted air and the liquid mist. The close contact between the pollutant and the liquid can also be made with the help of special filling bodies that allow to increase the contact time between pollutant and liquid.
The purified air is then released directly into the atmosphere with pollutant values within the thresholds set by law.

The liquid solution captures pollutants throughout the abatement circuit, until it is collected in a decantation basin and then be treated and appropriately disposed according to its nature.

Montes Scrubber

We design wet scrubber dimensioned according to the customer’s needs to treat fumes, dust and process gases
In SCRV vertical scrubbers the polluted gas flows from the bottom to the top.
In the SCRO horizontal scrubbers the polluted gas flows horizontally.
Fumes, dusts and gas process abatement
Dust abatement with granulometry > 0,3 µm​
  • Structure in painted steel, galvanized steel, AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Thread rectifiers
  • Nozzle ramps
  • Droplet separator
  • Recirculation pump
  • Decantation tank
  • Control panel
  • Connections between scrubber and suction system
  • Screw conveyor for automatic sludge discharge
  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 316 or polypropylene
  • ATEX / Antistatic version
  • Customized construction for flow rates and applications not specified in the data sheet

Data sheet

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Our Works

  • SCRV vertical scrubber with Venturi pipe for
    kaolin and ammonia dust abatement

    Italy | Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Aif flow 1,4 m³/s

  • SCRO horizontal scrubber for rubber
    dust from tires regeneration process

    Italy | Veneto
    Mixed dry/wet abatement technology
    Air flow 4,3 m³/s
    Power 27 kW

  • SCRO horizontal scrubber for asbestos
    dust from tunnel excavation

    Italy | Sicilia
    Catania railway tunnel
    Air flow 21 m³/s
    Power 110 kW

  • SCRV vertical scrubber with Venturi pipe
    for fumes and dust abatement system

    Italy | Veneto
    Textile singeing line

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