Cyclone separator

CLD | Cyclone separator

The cyclone separator is a dry dust particle removal system, where separation takes place by centrifugal force. Cyclones are suitable for separating medium-to-large size contaminating particles.

In fact, in common cyclone dust collectors, satisfactory abatement efficiency (85% - 95%) is achieved when treating particles over 10 µm. Cyclones are often also used as pre-filtration systems because of their ability to treat large particles efficiently and thus reduce the workload on the final filter when there is a high concentration of pollutants in the air.

In cyclones, contaminated air is conveyed into the cyclone body through a tangential inlet to create a vortex airflow. The centrifugal action drives the particles against the walls and they fall by gravity into the lower part from where they are collected and removed.

Montes cyclones

We manufacture custom-made cyclone dust abatement systems of any size and to project specifications.

The technology we use allows us to efficiently separate particles with dimensions of no less than 5 µm. For manufacturing, we use carbon steels or stainless steels, in relation to the type of dust to be treated.

In general, our cyclone can be used in all those industrial processes where there is a high production of dust.

Depending on requirements, cyclones can be designed to work at high temperatures or be ATEX-certified for explosive dust.

The advantages of a cyclone dust abatement system are:
  • Cost-effective filtration system
  • Low pressure drop in the suction circuit
  • Low operating costs
Dust abatement with grain size > 5 µm
Separation of dusts coming from following processes: smoothing, sandblasting, smear, grinding, polishing, powder-coating.
  • Powder coated or hot-dip galvanised steel sheet metal structure
  • Support legs in powder coated or hot-dip galvanised steel profiles
  • Dust discharge system through cyclone with rotary valve or collection bin
  • Connection fittings between the cyclone and suction system
  • Equipment in AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel / PVC
  • ATEX / Antistatic version
  • Customized construction for flow rates and applications not specified in the data sheet

Data sheet

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Our Works

  • CLD cyclone dust collector
    for straw dust

    Italy | Veneto
    Air flow 2 m³/s
    Power 15 kW

  • CLD cyclone dust collector
    for leather shaving dust

    Italy | Veneto
    Container discharge system

  • Pneumatic transport system
    for cotton on carding lines

    Italy | Veneto

Would you like more information about our products or services?

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