We operate in accordance with the UNI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

Customised production programming logic.
We define a basic list for each project, a fundamental tool for calculating demand, scheduling supply of goods, establishing a working sequence and controlling the costs of the order.
We implement a Gantt chart for planning and controlling the timing of orders to respect the delivery times agreed upon with the Customer.

Production takes place in our facilities, using CNC machines and traditional equipment.
We employ laser cutting equipment for sheet metal and pipes, shears, CNC bending presses, CNC work centres, welders, calendering machines, edge-banding machines, saws, pipe bending equipment, etc.
We program CNC machines through CAM systems with 2, 3 and 6 axes.

Our technical resources allow us to autonomously construct any part of the order, directly monitoring and controlling every stage of the productive process.
We acquire raw materials and commercial components from a network of trusted suppliers, including fans, electrical motors, filtration components, adjustment dampers, customised electronic and control devices.
We have also qualified a group of subcontractors for the construction of metallic components and parts in conformity with our projects and technical specifications.

Quality Controls on raw materials, semi-processed items and finished products are carried out and recorded in accordance with specific Operating Instructions and Procedures.
All company processes are managed by ERP software, resulting in rapid registration, availability and sharing of information among the various departments of the company.

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