System installation and inspection

We operate in accordance with the UNI ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

We organize the work site completely autonomously, installing any temporary works (scaffolds, bridges, railings, etc.) and renting any lifting equipment for materials and people (cranes, aerial platforms, etc.).
The installation phases are planned and implemented based on schedules and methods agreed upon with the Customer, limiting any inconveniences or possible production stoppages to a minimum.

For the protection of Health and Safety in the Workplace, we implement an Organisational and Management Plan in compliance with UNI INAIL 2001 guidelines.
In collaboration with the Client, we draft the OSP (Operational Safety Plan) or the DUVRI (Interference and Risk Assessment Document) according to the type of tender contract.
Our employees are all employed according to CCNL Metalmeccanici API Confimi (Italian Trade Union) contracts, and are trained and educated according to the Law, and subjected to periodical health monitoring.
Our machinery and equipment comply with safety standards.
We are subjected to periodical, independent audits by Supervisory Authorities.

We inspect and commission the system, performing necessary measurements (air flow, electrical, noise levels, emissions, etc.), which are recorded in the inspection form to validate and certify conformity of the system with the requirements agreed upon with the Customer.
We issue any declarations and certifications as set forth by the Law.
We are covered by appropriate liability and products policies stipulated with major insurance companies.

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