TMU | Tunneling and mining dust collector

Dust filtration for tunneling, mining and underground works

100% customized system

Since 2008 Montes designs, manufactures and installs specific TMU dedusters for a clean and healthy
environment in underground works, such as railway, road or hydraulic tunnels and tunnel refurbishing.
The underground mechanical drilling operations release massive quantity of dust, frequently unhealthy for
the employees.
The TMU dust collector is the perfect solution to reduce dust in any underground working condition (TBM, road header, rock breaker, rock mucking, etc.).
The TMU deduster filtration efficiency has been tested by German DMT GmbH & co. KG company, a member
of TÜV Nord Group.
The filtration efficiency reaches 99,98% for particles size between 0,2 and 2,0 μm and dust concentration up to 2.000 mg/m³.
All particles of greater size are completely stopped and processed.
The TMU dust collector can be moved on skids and properly placed, close to the polluting source, for an effective air treatment.
The TMU deduster can be also installed on the TBM to capture dust released from the cutting head and from the drilled material conveying system.

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