TWISTER 800 | Toner suction booth

Mobile booth for capturing suction from toner dust produced during cartridge regeneration in laser printers and copiers.

The Twister 800 booth makes it possible to carry out cleaning, emptying and reloading of the cartridges in a productive, ecological and safe manner.
The suction hood is fitted with an illuminated working surface, constantly under depression, to prevent the dispersion of toner dust into the environment.
The control panel is completely digital, and allows the user to perform the entire work cycle and control the operating status of the machine.
The filtration system is composed of two stages for filtering toner dust.
The first filtering stage (pre-filter) is self-cleaning through a jet-pulse system.
An analogue pressure gauge constantly displays the pre-filter charge level.
The pressure drop in the second filtration stage (HEPA filter) is detected by a real-time digital transmitter: events like clogging or rupture of the filtering media are immediately signalled.
The filtered toner is conveyed through a hopper into a PVC bag. The hopper is integrated into the booth structure to guarantee maximum cleanliness, also when replacing the bag.
The clean air is recycled into the working environment or is released into the atmosphere through an option suction channel.

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